A group of amazing local and international speakers

Parashuram N
Building React Native

Software Engineer, Facebook

Parashuram is a software engineer at Facebook, working on the React Native core team. Before Facebook, he worked at Microsoft on React Native related products like CodePush, Mobile Center and VS Code debugger for React Native. Parashuram has been working with JS based Mobile App development technologies and is also a committer in the Apache Cordova project

Florian Rival
Beyond Web Apps: React, JavaScript and WebAssembly to Port Legacy Native Apps

Engineer, Facebook

Florian is a software engineer working at Facebook. He was an early adopter of React Native and created a few open-source modules for it, such as react-native-image-resizer. He is also the author of GDevelop, a game making software based on React. More generally, he is fond of cross-platform technologies and like to push the limits of Javascript to create any kind of product: desktop apps, mobile apps and games.

Matthew Gerstman
Functional Programming Fundamentals

Software Engineer at Dropbox

Matthew is a software engineer at Dropbox. He has worked on everything across the stack from deploying containers and databases to shipping Javascript. In recent history, Matthew has been focused on frontend tooling and organizes an internal community at Dropbox called the JS Guild. When he's not writing code, Matthew enjoys Harry Potter, Green Day, and Broadway shows.

Michel Weststrate
Immer, Immutability and the Wonderful World of Proxies

Mendix, Tech Lead & OSS Evangelist

Tech Lead and Open Source evangelist at Mendix. Speaker, blogger and author of MobX, MobX-state-tree, immer and several other libraries.

Yonatan Mevorach
Beautiful Abstractions: What I Learned Eeading the Source-Code of 18 React Libraries

Web Developer @ Wix.com

I am a Web Developer with an expertise in frontend technologies, and my passion is creating high-end, quality, beautiful and performant web applications. I love creating tools to improve the development experience. Open source tools I've created have been used by engineers at Yahoo, Atlassian, Adobe, Kayak, etc. I'm proud to be a part of the team at Wix, where we've been early champions of React and published several open-source React libraries. I'm also a blogger and active conference speaker.

Yoav Niran
React Responsively, Render Responsibly

Senior Frontend Developer @ Cloudinary

I’m passionate about Technology, Software Engineering, Basketball and all things Science and Sci-Fi. I've been writing code for many years with a focus on web and front-end in particular. These days, I split my time between my two passions: writing code and writing my first sci-fi novel.

Maayan Glikser
Migrating from Angular to React

CTO @ 500Tech

Maayan is the CTO of 500Tech - a leading frontend consultancy in Israel. He created and contributed to several open source projects such as Mimic, Gisto, xhook, hostile and more. Maayan is passionate about developing tools to improve the developer day to day workflow in an efficient and fun way.

Ofir Dagan
(Don't) Blame it on React Native

R&D Manager @ Wix.com

Hi I'm Ofir, an R&D manager at WIX.com. In the last few years I've worked a lot with react and angular and developed wix's dashboard from scratch. Over the last two years I’ve been leading the Wix CRM Mobile team, writing wix’s mobile app in react native and now I'm leading the Wix Chat group. I'm also a mentor at WIX Academy (WIX's training program) and I love speaking about software in all of its forms. Besides programming, I'm an adrenaline enthusiastic. From my latest hobby sailing, to climbing, bungee through surfing, diving skiing and snowboarding. If it has adrenaline I've done it ;)

Robert Herbst
Advanced Patterns - Moving Beyond Presentation and Container Components

GoDaddy, SDE IV

Robert is a lover of all things code related and passionate about sharing "Aha!" moments he experiences. He's walked a winding path through the software world—including Delphi, dotnet, Ruby, Haskell and a developing interest in Rust and Elixir—but has most recently been involved with frontend development of the React and Javascript flavour and has some insights and learnings to share that come from working on large scale frontend applications in the enterprise space. He enjoys talking at meetups and conferences and helping people level up in whichever way he can.

Kaylie Kwon
Motion in React

Netflix, Senior Software Engineer

Kaylie is a frontend engineer who loves all things related to modern web development and tooling. On her spare time, she likes to contribute to Yarn and other open source projects.

Marcel Cutts
MonoRepos for the Masses

Asgard Enterprises - Founder

Marcel is a vagabond software engineer whose work has ranged from providing software for satellites, to developing zombie based fitness apps for millions of users. He can often be found courageously flinging himself at emerging technologies to explore what's all hype, what has substance, and what gives you the biggest hipster cred.

Gil Fink
Wiring TypeScript into React

CEO and Senior Consultant

Gil is a web development expert, Microsoft MVP and sparXys CEO. He is currently consulting for various enterprises and companies, where he helps to develop web and RIA-based solutions. He conducts lectures and workshops for individuals and enterprises who want to specialize in infrastructure and web development. He is also co-author of several Microsoft Official Courses (MOCs) and training kits, co-author of Pro Single Page Application Development book (Apress), co-organiser of GDG Rashlatz Meetup and Angular UP conference.

Norbert de Langen
Building a Maintainable UI with Storybook

Frontend Consultant

I'm a consultant helping clients modernize existing codebases and greenfield projects. I love working with modern tools like Storybook, which I co-maintain. I focus on improving the user and dev experience and am passionate about, amongst other things, quality control, performance and style-guides.

Ben Ilegbodu
State of the React Ecosystem

Eventbrite, Principal Frontend Engineer

Ben is a Christian, husband and father of 2 girls, with a dozen years of experience developing user interfaces for the Web. He currently is a Principal Frontend Engineer at Eventbrite on the Frontend Platform team, focused on improving their React-based design system and frontend infrastructure. Ben also enjoys playing basketball, DIY, watching movies, and tweeting (@benmvp) / blogging (benmvp.com) about his experiences with new web technologies.

Itay Maoz
Applying Microservices Design Patterns to Scale React App Development

Tech Lead @ Soluto

For the past three years I have worked at Soluto as a senior software engineer, and as a tech lead. With nearly a decade of building high-scale distributed systems, I was a full-stack developer even before it was cool. Currently focusing on fronted end architecture and patterns.

Patrick Hund
Breaking Down Your Web App

Software Developer at http://mobile.de, eBay Classifieds Group

Patrick helps React and Node.js conquer the tech stack at eBay in Berlin, working on Germany’s biggest auto trading platform and online community, mobile.de.

Adam Klein
How to Write Bad Dode in Redux

CEO @ 500Tech

Adam is a web developer and consultant, and is the CEO of 500Tech. He is a leading community activist and an open sourcerer